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Man in Louisiana accused of several sex crimes

A man in Louisiana has pleaded guilty to both child pornography and sexual battery. The man was sentenced on a recent Monday for these sex crimes. He is expected to spend 25 years behind prison bars.

According to police, these criminal acts were discovered back in 2014 when a woman read in the diary of her daughter that the man had inappropriately touched the girl. The girl was 6 years old then. When the mother questioned the daughter about it, the girl reportedly told her that the inappropriate touching had taken place several times.

Militia leader faces gun and drug charges in Louisiana

A militia leader in Louisiana was recently indicted on criminal charges. According to the felony indictment in federal court, the 47-year-old man faces gun and drug charges, including distributing methamphetamine (three counts). The other charges include possessing and intending to distribute meth, as well as possessing a gun to commit a crime of drug trafficking.

The man was taken into custody in a town where his wife is a day care owner. Authorities said they learned about him while conducting an investigation into domestic terrorism. The man was suspected of engaging in drug dealing with large amounts of meth. He also reportedly stated that he had access to more than 80 guns.

Sex crime charges filed against security guard

A security guard at a hotel in Louisiana currently faces a charge of sexual assault. According to police, the guard assaulted a guest at the hotel. As with other criminal accusations, these sex crime charges must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt before any conviction is possible.

Police said they received word of a sexual assault taking place at around 4:45 a.m. on a recent Saturday. A woman at the hotel reportedly told authorities that she woke up and found the man atop her and assaulting her sexually. She told police she recognized him as the man who had helped her to get into her room the night before.

Close look at evidence can help defense in embezzlement case

When a person in Louisiana is accused of committing a white collar crime, the individual's reputation and future are at stake. Fortunately, an individual accused of a crime such as embezzlement is always presumed innocent until and unless his or her guilt is proved in a court of law. This individual's criminal charge must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can happen.

Besides embezzlement, other white collar crimes that can lead to time behind bars include money laundering and various types of fraud, ranging from bank fraud to loan and insurance fraud. An attorney for a person facing a criminal charge for a white collar crime will explore all aspects of the evidence that prosecutors intend to present. This is because succeeding in a criminal case is possible only if defense counsel knows more than the prosecution does.

Man faces drug charges after search of residence

A Louisiana man is currently in custody on drug charges following a search of his home. Police said they discovered drugs in the man's house, along with a high-powered weapon. The man facing drug charges is 32 years old.

Police said they executed a search warrant on a recent Thursday morning, in the early morning hours. While at the man's house, they reportedly found marijuana and crack cocaine. They also allegedly discovered a high-powered rifle that was loaded.

Man pleads guilty to drug charges, sentenced to prison

A man in Louisiana was recently sentenced to prison for committing a serious drug crime. The man was arrested back in 2014 for trafficking drugs via the mail. He later pleaded guilty to several federal charges, including drug charges, and has been sentenced to a decade behind prison bars.

The 45-year-old man pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute over 500 grams of the drug methamphetamine. He additionally pleaded guilty to having a gun with the goal of furthering his drug conspiracy. According to police, from 2013 to 2014, the man received an estimated 25 packages of the drug from suppliers in a nearby state. The packages arrived at his house through Fed Ex.

Man facing drug charges sentenced to prison

One man in Louisiana was recently sentenced to prison for committing crimes involving drugs. His drug charges include possessing marijuana and intending to distribute it as well as possessing firearms and furthering drug trafficking. The sentence given to the man, who is 29 years old, is for 66 months.

According to police, authorities were executing a search warrant for another person at a home one day. Authorities then reportedly discovered items for drug packaging, marijuana and scales at the residence. Agents said they also found a semi-automatic rifle that was loaded, along with a loaded pistol in the 29-year-old man's bedroom.

Drug charges filed against father and son

A father and his son have been arrested in Louisiana in connection with a drug crime. The arrests on drug charges came after an investigation by police. The ages of the men arrested are 60 and 40.

The two men were taken into custody by a sheriff's office drug task force while they were at their house. Police reported that they discovered more than 30 marijuana plants near the property's back wood line. They also allegedly found loose marijuana in a safe at the house.

Man sentenced to 10 years in prison for sex crimes

One man in Louisiana was recently sentenced for committing crimes involving child pornography. The man admitted to possessing, as well as distributing, pornography involving minors. The man who committed the sex crimes will spend 10 years in prison.

Authorities started to investigate the man, age 20, back in February of 2016. At that time, a parish sheriff's office had received a report that the man had discussed raping a girl who was 4 years old. These comments were made in a forum online.

Two used car dealership co-owners charged with fraud

Felony charges were recently filed against two men in Louisiana in connection to fraudulent activity. The men co-own a used car dealership. The fraud charges filed against them came after police reportedly discovered that they were stealing large sums of money in sales tax revenues from the state.

Investigators with Louisiana's revenue department said the two men underreported more than 100 vehicles' sale prices. They then allegedly shorted Louisiana on the vehicles' sales taxes. Finally, they reportedly pocketed the difference.

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